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BUSHIDO (The way of the warrior)

The style that we practice is Nami Ryu Aiki Heiho, under the guidance of Mr. James Williams, of The Dojo of The Four Winds. The weekly classes are taught by Mr. Jeff Doran, while Mr. Williams comes to Ames annually to conduct intensive seminars. The primary arts that we study are aiki-jujutsu and kenjutsu, with supplementary exploration into related combat techniques and Japanese weapons, notably the jo staff (jo jutsu).

Aiki-Jujutsu is a hidden or inner art in that it is not possible to see what is really making the technique work. The basic tenet is never to oppose force with force, but to direct and utilize the power of the attack to overthrow the enemy with his own strength. Eventually, with knowledge and training, it becomes possible for the mind to freely lead the body into action with creative spontaneity. In this art there is no differentiation between attack and defense; they are treated as opposite sides of the same coin. There is attack in every defense and defense in every attack. This frequently leads to techniques where one movement takes the place of what would be two or more movements in other arts.
After learning how to fall and roll properly (Ukemi Waza) students progress to throwing (Nage Waza), joint locking (Kansetsu Waza), and a variety of other unarmed techniques including ground grappling and striking with hand and foot.1

Kenjutsu, as taught at Masa Katsu Dojo, encompasses a vast curriculum of strategy, tactics, and techniques for the effective use of the sword. The goal is complete familiarity with the practical function, morality, discipline and spirit of this ancient art. Ultimately, the mental and physical skills acquired by serious and correct sword training will elevate the entire spectrum of martial competence.

We practice tameshigiri, a cutting practice with the Japanese sword. From a classical perspective it is a part of the kenjutsu curriculum so that the student confirms that their cutting motions are correct and acquires actual experience in using the sword to cut. In modern application the primary targets are soaked goza and bamboo.

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